A Message From Our Headmaster

Welcome to Hudson Park Primary, a co-educational school with a rich tradition yet a future-focused and holistic approach to education, incorporating the four main pillars of education. These are the Academic, Physical, Cultural, and Pastoral pillars.

We believe that these four pillars serve as channels through which sound values may be achieved, and that co-education encourages respect, loyalty, honesty, neatness, hard work, and pride.

Our innovative staff are curriculum developers. Working within the framework of CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements), they encourage both co-operative learning and personal excellence.

We regard our parents as important co-educators and, during your stay with us, we hope that you will feel the passion which our children, parents and staff have for our school.

Yours sincerely




Pillars Of Education





Parent Bodies

Our vision is to be the leading academic school in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, encouraging the holistic development of each child.

Our mission is to build a sustainable school where all children, educators, staff, and parents are valued, where the diverse needs of all children are recognised, and where the children are encouraged to develop a variety of skills that prepare them for life and enable them to contribute meaningfully as valued citizens in the community.


At Hudson Park Primary we have 4 different Aftercare facilities. This enables us to group the children according to their ages and to do everything possible to ensure that their afternoons pass happily, in the company of their peers. Nutritious meals are provided and the children are cared for in a loving environment with a 'home-from-home' atmosphere. Best of all, homework is supervised by qualified teachers.

Our Hostel Aftercare, which caters for 25 Grade R children, is the smallest of our Aftercare establishments. Further details may be viewed on our CONTACT page. They are also available from the school's Administration Office, and an Aftercare Application Form may be downloaded on this link.


Hudson Park Primary is a public school governed by our SGB (School Governing Body), the only statutory body at our school. The SGB controls the school’s finances and its assets, and it determines policy on important matters such as admission and uniform.

However, our school is unique in that it also owns land. The Grade R, 1 and 2 classrooms are built on properties which are owned by the HEDT (Hudson Education and Development Trust).

Our academic academies and support staff offices are also located on land belonging to the school. Collectively, they form the Upper Campus. The Middle Campus, comprising the Grade 3 to 7 classrooms, main field, Centennial Centre, Science and Technology Centre, and the Red House is government property. To the east, we have our Lower Campus which accommodates the pre-primary school, Hudson Park Eaglets.


The use of ChromeBooks was introduced in 2017 from Grade 5 to Grade 7. We invite you, as a parent, to click the link below and to buy your child's ChromeBook and licence from our online ChromeStore. Simply follow the link, register, and then make your purchase. After-sales service from our supplier has proven to be excellent, and your device will be delivered to your door.

Purchase your ChromeBook here.


Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.
Malcolm X