A Message From Our Head Of Department

Welcome to Hudson Park Eaglets, a school where we aim to provide quality education for our children.

We have created a happy, caring, and nurturing environment in which the children can develop intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. This enables individuals to develop at their own pace and to reach their true potential, and it nurtures within them a sense of self-worth, value, and purpose.

We acknowledge that children need to be extended intellectually, and we provide for this in our daily programme. Likewise, provision is also made for those children who need extra assistance if they are finding the programme challenging.

Our children are equipped with life skills, making them aware of others and of the world around them. When they leave to move to higher grades, they are well-adjusted and well-prepared, ready to face the challenges of life in 'big school.'

Yours sincerely

Our Mission And Vision

Our school seeks to provide the special sense of fulfilment for staff and pupils that comes from shared success in combining individual talent with teamwork. We believe that through carefully planning a programme which incorporates progression and balance, the pupil can be assisted towards reaching his, or her, full potential.

Everyone is encouraged to consider other people, thus developing mutual understanding and respect for one another in an environment of Christian beliefs and values.

Our success is a result of attracting quality and committed staff who ensure that parents receive the best value that there is for their child.

Our aim is to create and maintain a happy, caring school environment, meeting the needs of all our children. Each child should gain a clearer sense of purpose and knowledge of his, or her, value to so attain the highest standards of development.

We believe it is essential that our children develop the ability to solve problems, to reason, to persevere, and to be creative. They are encouraged to accept that participation is fulfilling and failure can be a learning experience. We aim to develop within the child self-discipline, as part of a well balanced personality, through good manners and logical thinking.

Hudson Park Eaglets Pre-Primary School aims to provide a sustainable quality education for its pupils in their intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, and emotional development, instilling in them the love of learning and allowing them to develop to their full potential to become well balanced, caring citizens.









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